Less debt. Less stress. Less Waste.

About A Life With Less

Who Am I?

My name is Dana and I’m the mother of two as well as a wife to an incredibly patient man. I am a creative, a writer, an accumulator, an earth mother, a maverick, a dancer, a nurturer, a home maker. What I really am is a woman who hit rock bottom and not only crawled my way back up, but carved my own piece of paradise. This is where I started thinking about living a life with less.

That is our life now. One with less debt, less stress and less waste. A more sustainable and financially free way. We not only want to provide this for our children, but to also teach others how they can do the same.

What Does Living A Life With Less Involve?

Living A Life With Less means freeing yourself. Putting aside societies expectations of you and looking deep down to what you truly want. It means doing what makes you happy rather than following the line to the factory for the sake of doing what is “normal”.

We want to make living this way normal, rather than just an alternative. To be able to achieve this, we need to provide opportunities for people to learn about it in the first place.

We need to create awareness of a different way of living. To promote a society of mavericks who are inspired to make beautiful and fantastic creations. To encourage a unique way of thinking, rather than trying to fit people into neatly labelled boxes.

A world where you don’t have to be anxious about money, where we work because we enjoy what we’re doing and where we care about the earth and our impact on it

Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?