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Five Steps To Declutter Your Home

Five Steps To Declutter Your Home

We all have times in our lives where we intend to declutter. There could be a long list of articles that you have read about why you should do it. Articles that you completely agree with! Some how though, we never get around to it. When you have a cluttered house, you have a cluttered mind and the longer you leave it, the worse it gets. Here are 5 Steps To Declutter Your Home and actually making some progress.

1) Make a date and time for it

Hold yourself accountable and write down in your diary when you are going to be decluttering. Post it up on social media and promise pictures so you are under pressure to get it done. Without setting a date set, it goes from being a task that “needs to be done” to “it’ll get done one day”.

You should also make sure that you don’t give yourself opportunities to procrastinate. Don’t book anything else for that day, or you might find yourself subconsciously (or very consciously) dawdling to avoid going back home to do it.

2) Make a plan

Don’t say “I’m going to declutter the house today” otherwise you’ll end up overwhelmed. Pick one room, one shelf, one cupboard and start from there. If you only have a small amount of time, it might be a good idea to stick with one shelf. Do you have all day to work on it? Pick a room and get started!

You can also go one step further and make yourself a checklist. It can be satisfying to cross off tasks from a list, be your own cheerleader and create some self motivation.

3) Have something to listen to

Whether it’s a podcast or music, having something to listen to always seems to make time go faster. I am much more productive when I have something motivational to listen to rather than sitting in silence.

If you’ve never listened to podcasts before, you have no idea what you’re missing. Since becoming a parent, I’ve found it pretty difficult to find time to sit down and read a book. A podcast, however, I can chuck on in the background while chasing my toddler around the house or doing the housework.

listen to something

4) Clean as you go

I like to have boxes sorted into categories as I go. This means that I can get through one room and put items away at the end, rather than getting up every ten seconds to put things away as I find them.

  • Trash Save yourself the trouble of going to and from the bin and start a trash bag. If you want to be really organised, split this into recycling and trash!
  • Other rooms – This is for items that you are keeping but are meant to be in another room. Quite often people will have a box of “stuff” that never gets unpacked. When that box is full, we will start another box. Go through those boxes and sort them too!
  • This room – Items that are to stay in this room and that you intend to keep.
  • Sell/give away – The items that you are ready to part with. Decide whether it is worth selling them online or to be donated. Consider selling everything first, you’d be amazed at the cash that can be made from what you may consider junk.

5) Make sure everything gets put away

Don’t leave the piles and call it a day. Trash gets thrown out, put the items where they belong and actually list those items to be sold online. It doesn’t count as decluttering if you are just going to put those piles back into new boxes.

Bonus Step!

Give yourself a reward! Sure, looking around and seeing the fruits of your labour is often reward enough. Let yourself take that hot soak in the bath, spend the afternoon reading a new book or bake that cake and eat as much as you can. You’ve earned it!

In future, try to be more mindful of the items that you bring into your house. Decluttering won’t be as overwhelming or need to be as often if you don’t have copious amounts of possessions to begin with. You can also take 5 minutes at the end of your day to walk through the house and put everything away. That way, when you get up in the morning, you’re not confronted with the impending piles that seem to keep getting bigger.


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