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What Toilet Paper Are You Using?

What Toilet Paper Are You Using?

Toilet paper has got to be one of the first things that you should stock up on when prepping. If you’re going to run out of anything, you do not want it to be your loo paper. Some may think that there isn’t much thought behind buying toilet paper. A matter of walking down the toilet paper aisle in the supermarket and chucking a pack in the trolley. Is that all there is to the decision, or do we have more options? What toilet paper are you using?

As always, I get caught between the “How can I be more frugal?” side and the “What is going to be better for the environment?” side.

If you want to make a frugal decision

When looking at the decision from a penny pinching stand point, I found a few options.

Cheapest toilet paper in the aisle: If you’re still supermarket shopping, it may mean that looking at what is on special. What is the best value for money? This can be a bit tricky, because while you could buy the cheapest 2 ply rolls there, you may end up using twice as much to compensate. Is it going to feel like you’re using sandpaper on your sensitive bits? Probably.

Buying in bulk: This is a pretty good option. You can still get some decent toilet paper for a really good price if you’re willing to look for it. Stores like Costco and bigger chain stores will often have toilet paper for cheaper prices if you’re going to be stocking up. If you have a bigger family and you go through it often, this can be a fantastic option. Do you have a small family and don’t mind buying a years supply at once? This can also be a great option. In a tiny house and no where to stash that many loo rolls – might not be such a good option for you.

Family cloth: Not for the faint hearted! Family cloth is when, instead of using toilet paper, you have cloth wipes and are wetting them in the bathroom, using them, and putting them in a bucket to be washed. Definitely going to be the most frugal option. If you are already using cloth diapers and wipes, what’s another load of washing going to mean? If you’re a bit squeamish about bodily excretions, it might not be something that you’re comfortable with. You could compromise, use it just for urine and cut back on your toilet paper use. If you’re adventurous enough to really commit to it, you could save yourself some major cash in the long run.

who gives a crap toilet paper

If you want to make a decision with the environment in mind

This is when things can get a bit trickier, and a bit more expensive.

Recycled toilet paper: Try to find a brand that is using sustainable resources. Look for recycled materials, or cutting back on paper products, as well as using alternatives such as hemp or bamboo. When you’re looking for an ethical option, you want to know that you’re making less of an impact with your products. With the amount of toilet paper that we are going through in our life time, it’s definitely a good place to start.

Family cloth: Thought you had gotten out of this one, did you? Not only is family cloth going to be a frugal option, it’s also going to be the environmentally friendly option too. While you are increasing the amount of water and electricity you are using by using family cloth, you are also avoiding the amount that would of been used processing and making the toilet paper in the first place.

What toilet paper do we use?

As we have been trying to find a balance, I would love to say that we use family cloth….but we don’t. This is one of those homesteading compromises that we are not at a place to make, and I respect that. I have been considering swapping to family cloth part time myself to cut back, but with cloth nappies for what is about to be two baby bottoms as well as cloth wipes…it’s a work load I’m not ready to take on yet.

For little dude’s birthday, we were given a gift voucher for “Who Gives A Crap” toilet paper. Best. Present. Ever. Super practical, something we feel good about using and he turned 1, he’s not going to notice the lack of toys. I was over the moon.

We got a box of double length rolls with free delivery with the voucher and we are over the moon and totally converted!

  • The toilet paper is 100% recycled from recycled books and office paper, and also includes “No chlorine, inks, dyes or weird perfumes”.
  • The company donates 50% of it’s profits to building toilets for those in need.
  • You can set up an order schedule to delivery it in bulk at the schedule of your choosing.
  • For most orders, its free delivery.
  • There are discounts for ordering in bulk.
  • 100% money back guarantee.

Also, they came in pretty nifty packaging. Bonus.

who gives a crap toilet paper

We are happy with this choice right now. We have the option to stock up or schedule delivery, we’re happy with the ethics of the company and the cost factor works out pretty good for us.

Happy wiping!


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