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I Will Always Be Mama Zed’s Homestead

I Will Always Be Mama Zed’s Homestead

Today I officially redirected Mama Zed’s Homestead to A Life With Less. If you’re on our mailing list, then you would of had this heads up in your inbox a few weeks ago. While a lot has changed, I will always be Mama Zed!

I’m still a homesteader. That is something that will never change.

Our house is still full of the smell of freshly baked bread. The compost bucket still sits under our kitchen sink. I still race outside in my pyjama’s to water the plants first thing in the morning.

We will still be using hand cranked appliances when possible. My mending pile will always be overflowing.

As with all things, I am growing. Changing. Evolving.

A Life With Less reflects the changes in my life. A new direction where I can focus on helping people live a simpler life, one where they can be free to pursue their dreams. I want people to know that they can rebel against the norm and carve out their own little piece of paradise, whatever that might look like.

The difference now is that rather than focusing on just homesteading, you will find posts specifically focused on helping you get out of debt, lower your stress levels and maintain less of an environmental impact as you chase the life of your dreams.

Thank you for following me over, I can’t wait to share this journey with you.

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2 thoughts on “I Will Always Be Mama Zed’s Homestead”

  • Yay, I thought maybe you were one of those great bloggers who just kinda disappeared. I know I’m a little slow (okay a lot slow) in catching up, but so happy for you and selfishly for me too. Now to browse your new blog.

    • Thank you so much, that comment made my whole week! Right now, things have been happening in the background for our family but I promise to update soon!

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